Thursday, October 9, 2008

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People have to pay for blogs. If i got a email saying i had to start paying for a blog. I would reply in email saying "no your a blog." anyway its getting super cold out. rain today felt colder than snow. i have a stomach flu. which means you know wat. i had a huge knot in my hair this morning. spent 20 mins taking it out. and got a goodmorning text saying " You left the shower curtain open AGAIN. Stop it already. This one has mold because of you. So YOU can buy the next one. Good day." my reply. "thanks".
gargen  mutating into a herp.
he just got out. She's like man. i was like wow.
2 months ago i had no colgone. now i have tons. thanks mts at shoppers!
Im willing to trade a fairly used ping pong pattle for actual ping pong balls. cm smashed it
I won this medal 3 summers ago at grandbeach. it was for best stance on the boardwalk. no lie. 
brand new boots bro. sz 11. i know its not christmas season yet, but why wait! minty boots bro. honestly. they'll fit your cousin/mom/neighbor/uncle/bro. garunteed fit bro. text me
i finally washed my car. still dust and mud on it. tons of geese dumps on this bad boy.
pz spideys!
i got the best tip today. honey bro!  love