Sunday, November 30, 2008

aint no party like a s-club party.

so busy. no time to do much. better things to do than compute. jk. here are some pics i have taken in the last week. 
mustachio double mongloiding. 
first time i've seen this. but i think back, i think i have done it. or seen it. but it seems familiar. but it doesn't. 
pyraminds me of a library.
phil claims to know how to back 3. ive seen it once. 
gorgle and gargle. they wur sponsored for the night. but we only had one cig.. 
today was one of my easiest days of work. well thats bad karma for tomorow. but i worked in the morning. the house was a beach. but then i had to apartments. like. everything was plugged in when i got there. i just needed there john hancocks. and i was out. i would pay to have days like these.
honestly. people pee on dfloors. better than poo. i caught this tiny dinkie trying to pee. 
i honestly think snowboarding is better than skateboarding. thats gonna offend you. mind you mini is so fun. but... ping pong is a little higher.
keegans gone to calgary. Im gonna miss playing ping pong with him. he was always great at losing money. real good guy. had a smile even after he lost. im on his my5. 
marky jungle was there. its funny when you roll up to a place and people are like don't go in. and your like well im gonna go in and check it out. but then you get in your like man. wheres the grits.
grants window got turkey'd. It wasn't funny... but i had to laugh when the most thing he was worried about was. "they better not of f'n syphoned my gas!". a.the tank was full. b.the cover was open to it. c. it was a freezing ride home. d. theres a bounty of 35 bux going for the culprit. e. my back is killing.
oh get this, i think i had the flu. i wasn't even sure. but anyways. in the morning i've been haucking? up huge loogs. but its the texture and colour that is good about it. its like rubber. and off subject. i was snowboarding yesterday. i got off this rail. and my nose was leaking. it was like one of those spits where you play with it. like see how far you can let it drop. then suck it back up. but i did that with my nose. i honestly think it touched the ground. 
some people have those christmas orange boxes. I was at the sarna residence and i go in for one. and it was full of apples. that shits weak.
clawed mid 5's. the new hitler salute.
we went to frostfire. this photo is missing cory and jeff. they wur jungling beers at the bar. 
Steve- single. smelly.sleepy.smangster. i was gonna say stupid but thats low. i copy some of his tricks. then go up to him on prupose and be like. man you shoould try these. theyre so funn. oh and claims if he was a gurl he'd be pro.  
Brent- budweiser.bumpy.burpy.burpees.bungholed. jungle turt was sponsored by steve for the day. he tubed. and may have taken a dump in the morning. and dissappeared for like 20 minutes. possibly dumping. oh and drew naked chicks on my car. and swastikas. 
Anica- apples.air tricks.andy's(indys with a  A). anchovies. anica is better than phil. ya i said it. 
Phil- phat.panties.piahrea.pooshrooms. that bagel he's holding. he said he was gonna kill steve cause he said he ate it. looking at this photo i would have believed it. "somebody call the cops...that shits gang related". i know its from the edit. but to good. to all you hunters and hussies. stay warm. shits gon get cold out. pz... and love