Saturday, November 8, 2008

same old same olds.

this weather is cooked. many people aren't to stoked on the weather. i personally don't mind it. but when you slide into a intersection side ways... so fun. thursday the snow came. one of the best snowball fights i've been in. i don't know what to type . here's a few pictures. enjoy the grain.
vern's couch ruined my back.
brent has been facebooking so hard. cranking 2 to 3 batteries a day!
milo cut himself a fresh mohawk for the winter season.
i can't grow chest hair.. but if i could it would most likely look like that!
cam was getting jungled.
tarzan may have broken my hand in a intense mercy fight.. I haven't lost in 2-3 years. 
save up your money and buy all my old snowboard stuff!
boots. pants. jackets. boards. bindings. touques. one of the two gloves. a personally signed ping pong paddle. and a charlie horse! on your arm! 
Here is the morning after. i didn't have a scraper. used my hands like a real guy!. keep warm and drive slow. love