Wednesday, February 11, 2009

siamese poo stains. in jocks

drove down to vancouver yesterday. my car made it there. i hate the cambie bridge. and cowboy hats. 
on the way everyones like ya tim hortons. we gotta stop. coffee. coffee. donuts. no dude. peach juice.
after searching for parking which seemed like an hour. we make it in. the nurses were not kind. only 2 at a time. so you don't realize how serious things are until you have to put on a gown and  gloves to see a friend. 
i snaked first to get in. phil was mad?. i felt bad taking pictures. but he didn't mind. imagine laying on your back staring at the shitty ceiling. for days. 
broken clavicle. bleeding in the head?. bruised kidney. internal bleeding. collapsed lung. i can't remember the rest. if you seen from where he fell flat from. scares the shit out of me. 
this machine has a tube going into his lung. i guess draining the liquid in there. in the pic above this one you can see it.
i don't know what these were for. circulation or something.
i felt bad for making jokes when i was in there. i thought i was gonna kill him.
this is a serious injury alone. nurse. im full.
until next time. get better. ill try to get the photo from where he fell and put it on. 
the waiting group outside. phil apparently cheats at all games. 
this is 2 good. k. as im doing this blog. i receive a text. i didn't know you can text from hospital beds. trevor: "yeah they poked me in my toosh toosh twice. no more virgin toosh. i cry at night".  good spirit lad.
is killing it. bought tons of sickkk gear. no more hair pulls.
this chick does the same horoscopes's in the sun newspaper in winnipeg. i wonder if she's just hustling a bunch of different papers. i may look into ratting her out. like that nurse did to me for my cast. karma georgia
someone decided to crank the toaster up to 7. no love