Sunday, November 23, 2008

surprise gift.

Keegan and courtney are leaving to calgary. well in jan. or something. there was a surprise party at the tavern. i fell asleep. almost missed the big event. but yea. a couple pictures. oh and i just found out the grey cup was on today. man football is cool. and that movie fast and furios. tokyo drift. sucks. 
keegan shed a little turtle here. 
tears were flowing. beers wur barely getting served. jay was pissed a.detox b.asked for a water c.didn't get it d.i beat him at pool 
nero beat me at pool the next game. something about that game i don't like. possibly my skills. 
stony mountain opened up today. woke up bright and early. snow was soft. by noon it was softer. kids flying everywhere. i love when a kid smashes into me and then gets mad at me for being there. i thought i cracked my board but was to scared to look at it. it wasn't tho. i may have a rash from going through a bush and these things wur all over me. new style.
i had a deluxe egg nip for bfast. they put a tomato that was 2 inches thick in my bun. i broke 3rd in the germany stage for best time. "jam". i think i broke something in my hand again.. this is random
oh and i went bowling last night. get this. im embarrassed enough for being in a bowling league. i ended up getting dead last out of 5 dudes. i think the girls may have beet me. im gonna quit.
julie love thai as much as i do. we've argued who has eaten it first. i gave her that. but i think i take the "eaten the most" title. 
alot of my pictures didn't turn out. but steph was there. julie and jay came from lundar. 
people kept on showing up. the service kept getting worse and worse as the night went on.
my mom showed up after work. hammered some wine. 
it may come down to me being the last child in the house. or in my case adult. pretty bad. i know
everyone who owed me money seemed to pay at the same time. all of it in 20 dollar bills. im starving. keep fit and have fun. love