Thursday, June 4, 2009

one duck.

i've been going to some sort of water location everyday. my skin is burnt. i can't think straight right now because of the sun. a few photos.
wearing sandals isn't the best idea.
keegan murdered his foot on a rock.
mesquito's may be worse on the other side of the lake than winnipeg.
15 bites in 3 square inches.
volcanic rock.
i'm known for ruining turd swings.
this water doesn't taste good.
may cause earaches. headaches. upset stomachs. diahrea.
12 stitches?
wounded swim across. i don't mind swimming. but open water in sketchy lakes is heat. who knows what's underneath.
splashing makes it easier for the sharks to find you.
marc moved into the deeluxe mountain sweet. you can sh*t and sh*wer at the same time.
new shimano nexus 2011 roadster. internal gears. there is a chance its automatic. 0-40 in 20 seconds. its a dangerous lifestyle. love