Tuesday, September 30, 2008

oh yeah..

my birthday was this past saturdayy. we ventured off to my cabin in the remote jungle of grindstone. supposed to leave at 6 ended up leaving at 9. 7 guys. 23 beers to share. and 3 packs of jolt cola.
we rock banded. i lost at poker. and jungled hard.
4 beds 2 couches. people still slept in their cars. 
we carnied on the deck till early morning. i shotgun beers wrong. 
they shotgun beer early.
willy showered. i didn't!
all you need is the roost! can make terrible food taste delish! meat diets are brutal. thats like 12 chickens. and a hip of a cow.
pizza was apparently sold at the store. sun chips starting at 5bucks. obv.
i hate movies where someone wastes time when the bad guys gonna be back soon. 
my sister came out saturday. we sang happy birthday.
the second night. we wur bbqing some steaks. i put a can of beans on the grill. i went back about a half hour later tried picking up the can. it wasn't hot but the juice spilt all over my hand went under my watch. burned the f outta my wrist. beans all over me.. 
i felt like this.
and then this.
then later like this.
reid was by far the most drunk i have ever seen him. i woke up in the morning to him wearing sunglasses still drinking "i had to finish all the booze". blaring phil colins in the air and iris by goo goo dolls? 
and i just got a long distance phone call from some representative from td bank. he went through his opening paragraph about take some survey. he went on and on for about 45 seconds. my only reply was . do i get paid. he laughed and that phone call was over. oh and i got a new paint job on the ride home. its like the opposite of willys old wagon. keep you beans hot. love

Monday, September 29, 2008

gettting off work at 10. pm. fn kill me

its so much fun to get off work late. and i am going snowboarding nowa.

but i feel GREAT. love you

Sunday, September 28, 2008

thursday was thirsty. or thundery

another couple thursday photo's. its sunday i know. i got back from my cabin. i can't talk.
haven't seen these bdoys in awhile. i had this same pair in grade 4 i think?. same year 3 ninja's came out. emily was a babe
last thursday at 808 somthing? or 800. everytime we taxi there no one knows the address.. im trying to think of it. i know its off fn canora street. but yea good times here.
gurry thought he's have a little goodbye party with the stove. jammed it full of plastic bags. bout to crank it on. then he got busted. i don't even know wat would have happened. 
i have to stop wearing tookes. i think its touque? they're both underlined 
vandal's mean machine. 
these are martins tires. no grip on purpose. martin you can't ride this thing in the rain can you?
I felt left out because i didn't get the shirt. one day.
est. 2:30 am. i was allowed to take this whip for a ride. took er over to the fire parking lot. first time on something like it. we got a demo from martin and vandal. they got it down. love 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

blogbowl burdday.

it was anica's birthday. i had a invite via text. i take bowling pretty serious now. but then gorgen beat me 2 games. and i had to step up the heat.. 
i blamed my pants under the heals. and my pants wur to baggy. really threw me off.
"i can't believe i remembered". gorgen remembering his childhood tricks. 
we fn bowled 5 games. i pulled a thigh. 
phils got cards. and was super notgood at bowling. its all style. 
the 6th game turned into hucking those balls down the aisle watever way you want. i think the ball give'r back'r was busted. it stopped giving us balls. balls
i had to number two.  and my shoe was not coming off. 
kurtis hummed the ball so hard into the gutter it came back out and hit some pins. i was fn impressed. gorgen tried a couple times but pretty much couldn't play no more due to the best of 5 championship i won.
i hummed a ball some weird way i thought it was gonna hit the roof. it ended up land directly on the lights dividing each isle thing. my heart stopped for like 3 seconds.
this chick honestly made it on a bus stop sign. fn good teeth tho.
k this is out of no where. but everytime i leave my room. i turn out all the lights. for those of you who know my stories. this is fd. like the lite is on and the slider is open a crack wide open. and i had a bad dream and woke up egzactly at 3 am. im outskin of that dunge
snows coming. gorgen's grade 9.5 photo. thirsty thurs. and i love u. depending who's reading. love


get dure tears on! im gone bowling.. love

Monday, September 22, 2008


this weekend was super busy. worked all day saturday, had to sleep abit. and went out abit. my uncles 50th bday. dinner on sat and sun. busy babers. 
Jay's kitties are super cute. I can't even remember there names. 1 of them is a runt tho. and they grind there face into or anything. you gotta see it tho .
reid officially moved out of that house. r.i.p. but he's got a cheque being mailed there. so.
its funny how clean and neat everything looks in this picture. give them like 5 minutes. everything is everywhere. i decided id try to fit in that box... i got in pretty good but i was like folded in half. abby was trying to shut it and there was still about 6 inches left. what do you know. kyla and abby decide to jump on the door to shut it. def pulled a hammy.
to good. 
as i leave the house to escape they're sleep over i'm chased outside only to be made fun of.
4 days of not litering. this could be on your street! but its not.
reiman had a birthday party. 
kevin got out for 20 minutes. he was hiding out from his babe.
gaudet walked out on topo. he "claims he hates it" he'll be back.
diane and robin whurrrr there!
we ended up leaving early because someone thought they got slipped date rape. 
there he is!
uncle arts 50th!
i really stepped up my game sunday! i actually think i have some seroius potential. 2nd time and got 226. i think its good but it most likely is. considering i got smoked by this lady betty last week that hummed the ball and would walk away. not even looking at what she hit. and she threw the ball high so it was super loud! love