Monday, September 22, 2008


this weekend was super busy. worked all day saturday, had to sleep abit. and went out abit. my uncles 50th bday. dinner on sat and sun. busy babers. 
Jay's kitties are super cute. I can't even remember there names. 1 of them is a runt tho. and they grind there face into or anything. you gotta see it tho .
reid officially moved out of that house. r.i.p. but he's got a cheque being mailed there. so.
its funny how clean and neat everything looks in this picture. give them like 5 minutes. everything is everywhere. i decided id try to fit in that box... i got in pretty good but i was like folded in half. abby was trying to shut it and there was still about 6 inches left. what do you know. kyla and abby decide to jump on the door to shut it. def pulled a hammy.
to good. 
as i leave the house to escape they're sleep over i'm chased outside only to be made fun of.
4 days of not litering. this could be on your street! but its not.
reiman had a birthday party. 
kevin got out for 20 minutes. he was hiding out from his babe.
gaudet walked out on topo. he "claims he hates it" he'll be back.
diane and robin whurrrr there!
we ended up leaving early because someone thought they got slipped date rape. 
there he is!
uncle arts 50th!
i really stepped up my game sunday! i actually think i have some seroius potential. 2nd time and got 226. i think its good but it most likely is. considering i got smoked by this lady betty last week that hummed the ball and would walk away. not even looking at what she hit. and she threw the ball high so it was super loud! love

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