Tuesday, February 17, 2009

we just wanna kidnap you.

today was a late start. end up riding blackcomb. start riding black park. everythings good. camera gets pulled out. first trick being filmed i knuckle the step up on a late back 1. nothing hard. but i felt like i had died. cartwheeled. people yelling from the chair. hip feeling like its not apart of my body no more. the BEST. 
last night we go out. we park in some underground garage. phil parks crooked in this stall. pretty much blocks this other car that was beside us in. i looked. assessed the situation. If the car really wanted to get out it could. so. this was the note in the morning. douche.
k. if you actually read this. this is a crazy story. get ready. so trevor (photo above) is out of the hospital. he is lucky to be alive. i picked him up from sqwaumish today and i got my car back. it was 400 bones and the heat still doesn't work. no tail lights. no interior lights. but the radio works. anyways. trevor told me the craziest story. here it goes. the day he fell. he was driving up to the mountain with a homie. he decided to be a nice guy and hook up 3 random hitch hikers from over seas with a ride up to the mountain. as they were getting out at base 2. the one chick from romania?. asked if trevor and his homie believed in god. the dude he was with said no. and trevor says yes. so the chick asks trevor if he would like to say a prayer with her. trevor is like sure. so she makes him repeat what she was saying. at the end. all he remembers from it is repeating " god will come into your heart. and if you except him a miracle will happen". 3 lifts later he passed out on the chair. fell 25 feet flat onto his stomach. he is lucky to be alive. i believe.
on another note. anica just walk up and says. "you have fecal matter on my tooth brush". apparently. when you flush the toilet all the bacteria goes in the air. hence on your tooth brush that is on the counter. always put it in a cupboard. i was just bragging today about my white spaceteeth. love