Monday, March 29, 2010

get buck

it has been forever. I'm currently in winnipeg trying to do a blog about tofino.. my mind is cooked.
mandatory bbbq.
burnt buns.
the hosts.
Some dude got me with a thats what she said joke in co-op today.
this is where the tofino trip starts.
its funny how you can be on a chairlift one day and the next morning we were on our way to tofino to attempt to surf.
we missed the morning ferry by 10 minutes. had 2 hours to kill. Ended up going to this pitch and putt course in horseshoe bay.. fuckin sick.
first time on a boat that could hold more than 10 people.
they had elevators as well.
trick is to blaze when it starts moving that way theres no way to get kicked off.
these are just a bunch of shots of the ocean. nothing to interesting just filling space.

the escape route.

arrive to nanaimo? i don't even know how to spell half these places.
sketch 2 hour drive to tofino. rent all our shit for 60 bones.
the water was fn cold. my boot zipper was obviously fd.
my nose pouring.
pissing in your wetsuit is mandatory as well. stay warm for at least 5 minutes.
surfing is so sick. but its a workout.
you know when a wave crashes and theres all that foam. fuck. it stinks
i wish i had a water camera.
if you can see the 2 breaks on the same wave. they come together at one point. you don't want to be there. at least i didn't.
this dog ripped apart phils lunch bag. i kicked water at him when he followed me to the water. salt in the eyes is karma.
the escort is killing it. love.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i hit a switch bulls eye. so im celebrating by posting some pictures. spent the day up at rainbow. it was a beauty!

Here are a few clips from a few days and a few bails from a few friends.

pembi from streetsmokes on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

11.11 am

These pictures are in no specific order. each photo took way to long to upload. it is gay pride week in whistler.. and the paralympics are next week. whistler is killing it right now. blackcomb park is going off. get here.

people in pemberton cruise there horses everywhere. I would be stoked if I had a horse. There dumps are huge, and the owners just let it chill on the side of the road. that is why i would like a horse. love