Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lets piss the bed!

Courtney is 19 or 20? i think 20. we went out monday night. i come home from work and people wur drinking at my house. i killed a couple cats at ping pong. 
The plan was head to the pal. too packed. ended up meeting some friends at tyc... 
turns out it is a wedding social for some dude... tons of poeple. it was like a bar but we ended up coming in at like midnight. lights on. raffles going/. people staring. moms dancing. yea. 
the lights went out and it turned into the usual grime tyc night. courtney owes me.
somebody had the worst gas. honestly i gagged.
air'n out bro.
steve and his dad wur there!. shots got flowing.
jeff was jungled. and somebody yelled "nice fn touque" to me. 
i get this all the time. but from my sister was low.
jenga was walking around the whole night with this same expression. 
gaudet trying... to smile...
natalie hasseled me for this. 
jeff had the camera for abit. he papped.
outside and vegas and woze roll up. open the gate. nero comes in half an hour later. yelling. claiming he watched us through a window and said we ignored him. then my camera died.
can never have enough rooster. thanks father.
So i get to my afternoon call. get in there and see this f'n tree. i don't even know if they know. it confused me. its backwards. but there is a bigger star on top?  the dude kept going on the balcony and coughing up loogeys. and spitting them below. aha k. and i setup the tv and internet. instantly he's on this chat thing. webcam full torque. i see this chick eating noodles or something. i walked behind him and made like a awkward face to the camera. kinda one you' would do to a kid. but to make sure no ones looking. i dunno. that tree is cooced. love