Saturday, August 22, 2009

'40 bucks and we're taking pictures.'

wake up early today to goto work. get in some jungle apartment. 3 people sleeping on a air mattress in the living room. working around people sleeping is pretty funny. the dude woke up and looks at me confused. i gave a mild retard look. end up going back 4 hours later after they complained to mts that they're phone wasn't working. i demonstrated to them how to plug in a phone jack. f.
10 minutes.
jay got suckered for his cigs.
acdc is tonite. chicks are going that don't have a clue. im not going because i don't have a ticket. we'll see.
winnipeg won a game. south park season was on also.
everyone pzd to hotel burrows. we kept it chill and wii'd it.
i may be the worst video game golfer.
jays got shit on lock.
still rolling so low. looking for 3 more 4 bolt spares. may be a in the new mags soon enough. keeping it gutter.
countless hours spent here. desmerai and champagne are looking for you vegas. love