Monday, March 30, 2009

bring em out.

i just got shot by one of those guns in the bathroom. someone is going to die. we have 2 special people staying with us now. josh and dylan. they may be almost as mental as steve. and i just downloaded the old grey album. its almost new again.
went to the skatepark. fun setup.
i don't think.
first go.

dylan got a press.
tinsleys last weekend.
"fred". gorgen knows him. is fn slacking
tinsleys last night out. phil and anica joined in.
someone snagged 2 redbulls.
tinsley knows this chick. marc likes this chick. will with this chick.
the tpro chant.
5.25. will you owe me 4 bux.
tinsley has bounced back to the uk. he was rad. gonna miss him. until next time. i burnt my waffles. love

1 comment:

wax crayon said...

haha no way i left that guy with the guitar one of my last donnies, dude and is it me who owes ou for the beer? or is it other will?