Monday, March 23, 2009


monday night. currently learning how to download anything. new big bag. sitting at home is fun.
went to sqwaumish yesterday.
everyones broke off.
turned a donny into a real donny.
dropped my tire off to get fixed.
87 bones later.
marcs purpose for going there was to buy supplies to make a bean bag.
they had no such supplies.
this is the new greeting.
im downloading dazed and confused. keegan i'll sell you any program in payments of kd boxes.
i just talked to the beamans on skype. i got rarr'd at. good seeing's.
steve requested lady gaga. his shit.
everyone was done.
booze does not heal injuries.
"ya buddy"
french lyrics
vision was barely there by the end of the night.
something happened? i cant remember. alaska? love

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Anonymous said...

that is the only way too greet!