Thursday, April 23, 2009

greater enjoyment.

icy. errands. skate. fall off bike. energy drinks melt concrete.
new tv and pleather couch.
went to a art show. when i get a house you may see artwork like this. not children friendly. this reminds me of coffee ana turd.
i have started trying to draw. i have also given up.
i need a bike.
im sick of monster drinks.
200 bones.
the stuff that gives you antlers.
pemberton does not have a working printer.
anica is obsessed with grand theft auto. she kills everyone in it. she has a scooter in gimli. so she stole one in the game to pretend she's in gimli. she just killed another dude claiming it was for his camera.
my mom complimented my beard. she said its trimmed well. but thats just how it doesn't grow.
tofino bc. theres a bet saying I can't surf. the funny thing is i can hold my breath underwater for like 2 minutes.
phil is sending his ipod back. he decided to make a custom package for them.
he wrote this on both sides. wow. love

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