Friday, February 20, 2009


its friday. this is from the weekend. last weekend. i can't remember any of the good stories. tinsley is back. kardinal tonite.
marc bought a truck. we decided to go see murder city devils. traffic makes you want to throw up. 
got into the show somehow. couldn't leave. 5.75 a beer. waiting and waiting. cap lori opens up. she is mellow good. 
past lives was up next. my wallet was sore at this point. 
murder city devils. cool show.
bounce from the show. this dude was posting up slangn hot dogs. clearly sanitary.
just cook the roost bro.
some people have talent. this dude didn't. still enjoyed his 16 cents i had. 
marc hooked this chick up with a lighter. i asked if i could take a photo. she replies" im a bit cracked out". the more crackery looking the better the picture is.
i somehow get lost on a street. construction going on everywhere. i ran into these ladies. before this pic there was 2 homeless dudes just standing and staring at the window. i can run at least 26 kph for about 5 seconds. 
i get super lucky. the hostel we got was like a block from the show. and conveniently 2 blocks away for my ct scan in the morning. 
so im waiting in this radiology ward in the hospital. see a pay phone. call home. as im talking the nurse comes out and calls me. say my goodbyes. hang up the phone. but it like falls off and makes a loud noise in this quite room. the lady that was watching me the whole time gives me the dirtiest look i have ever been given. i was in shock. walking away i turn back. and shot her with one of the ugliest faces i could make. her face was priceless.. can that be bad karma?
everyone has these luxury cars and rims. some people are all about showing what they have. or how much money they make. man i drive a 1999 ford escort wagon. money in the bank.
apparently i look like a homeless dude named randy. this homeless dudes like. "man you look like randy. but your not homeless. and don't have a dog with you". its also nice when you see someone you haven't seen and they're like "you look like a bum". must be my dangerous nose.
go up to grouse. insane view. they had a 48 hour shred going on. 52 bones for as long as you want. no sleeping tho. icy conditions. nice sunset. cold pitchers for 18.25.  this dude paul gave us a tour of the hill. f van is nice. fk that cambie bridge tho. 
went to the park royal mall after. they had a awards thing for a halfpipe comp at seymour.  babes. not really.
the flying tomato won. i didn't wanna post this. the dude who got second. run looked alot better. my goal was to snag whites wallet and give the money to will . i felt sorry for his game.
+1 uptop is pretty good.  and whats the deal with skiing. not skiing but the whole poles deal. some dudes rock no poles. half poles. full poles. id really like to know. love

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when did wozE go to Japan and have a kid??

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