Sunday, February 22, 2009

keen and reckon. my 2 new words

its raining and snowing. we took the day off. i attempted to wash my car for the first time with the hose. and its worse than it was before somehow. brents cooking breakfast and its 3 pm. we got bacon. eggs. hamm. toast with cheese wiz. obv. killer killer. danka gorgen.
i made what was left of my bread. does it matter if you pull off the mold?. 
we went to tapleys. its a pub where will words. i got smoked at that hockey game thats in the bubble thing. 
waiting in this bus stop for half an hour is usually the norm. everytime we pretty much miss it. tinsley is back so we celebrated his bddday.
phil misses anica. we had a competition walking around. getting judged on our teeth. i got the gold. phil got silver. marc got bronze. phil was pissed cause he had braces for 2 years. it must be my tooth brush.
watson was done. but got his 2nd wind later. 
gorgen hammering black bull. i tried it. one of the main ingredients is windex. i swore it anyways.
tinsleys finger is crooked as f. that metal brace is strictly for the ladys. if they seen it without it they would throw up. or be more attracted. i dunno. its sunday. 
marc.phil. and i had another competition. who was the best looking. im not gonna go into details.  but justice was served. i won at least half. and i got third to this one girl who thought phil was number one. my jaw is to big.
i can't really remember the show. i just remember alot of "t-dot"  yells. and them chugging vodka.
apparently you can lose your ear. and they (science bros) can take your dna and grow your exact same shape ear on a mouses back. your body will not reject it either. man. i wish i was more into my science studies. f that chart of elements. love

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