Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lolzzy's. wow

broke. wednesday. out of hot sauce. learnt 2 more tricks. going out. so not that broke. bye anica. thanks for the room phil. man im sweaty.

this video has 34,275,743 hits on youtube. i haven't seen it yet. the chances are you have seen it. i think i might have a chance at something like this. these are some replies to his video:

a)YoungCam785 (1 day ago) 0 Reply | Spam
Weirdest mother fucker i seen in my lifetime

b)ilove215 (1 day ago) 0 Reply | Spam
vanilla snow

c)mistynaynay (1 day ago) 0 Reply | Spam
he's awesome i like this song and he is probly old not a kid.

d)demand3000 (1 day ago) 0 Reply | Spam
Hey! ASS HOLE! He's not a kid. He's prolly fucken older than you. don't be dissing him! He definitely owns over your ass! Shut the fuck up!

sometimes i just read comments on videos. love

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