Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Carney Convention

So I've decided to start a blog. I have tried
in the past but was computer illiterate.
I was thinking of what a good first post would be? So my travels
to the Red River Ex sealed the deal. Partially because I had to pay 50 cents
for air, to make it to the ex. 
Visa's racked. But you can still take out cash?
Not at all.
We ended up going to late for rides. So i decided to shoot some hoops.
I drained a granny and then this caught my eye.
My sister thought she could win this game. Little did she know.
You gotta have lean like this.
This game is rediculous. Hold a rod with one of those stupid rings you 
gotta throw at those stupid bottle tops, attached by string.
You gotta flip the bottle so it stands.
My bottle had mold. Another one had a cig butt.
People think casts suck. They do!
But you can still climb. 
I think i've found my natural talent.
The face of success! and pants jacked up.
She told me to jump.
Jay cranked in I don't know how much money into this sucker.
All he left with was me saying "Jay, you have to aim"
Carney's heckeling you is the best.
But the rules always change after you pay.
so fun.
If you get the chance, Go in this.
I didn't but I will
I have a mole on my neck kinda under my jaw. Someone once told
me I had a tick on my neck. 

I tried this game. The lady didn't think i could throw with a cast.
She had no clue about the irish whip toss.
I smashed 2 plates and won this bear. 
not to brag.
80% of carneys have jacked teeth.

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ReidyVegas said...

You wanna get jobs there next year and travel the Carny Circuit?