Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grill. then chill.

I took this a couple days ago when those storms were rolling in. 
Arnold is super tough. True lies?
I went to the bomber game. I didn't see one play of the game. Who won even? But he story behind this chick is, if you can see she's smokin a cig.  If you look closer she has a hole in her throat. Addiction?
He's back. Full Force. Not 6 feet tall tho.
Aha jay called me the morning after this night at 9am. Said he was awake and ready to goto work. He also said he'd call me back. I wake up at 10.30 call him and no answer. I go back to bed then he calls me. I suck at storys. but working hungover sucks to.
chapter.1285. serios biking.
JAM-RAM-SHAZAM. My new alias.
The sarna kids kill this miniramp. 
Josh kills it.
Steve with a lofty front 1. Followed by beer chug.
I was never affraid of moths. But this one was like a bird. Seroisly. look at it
Brent was hanging. I still have his ipod cord. 
Aha brent rolled up with this thing. picture someone flying on the highway with this sucker. I am willing to buy one. 
Phil's party. Anica's cart thing. It had subwoofers and speakers.
Ryan got accused of being a bloods gang member. shit went off
A.J. and T.F. 
Nealon and i have a photoshoot usually whenever we see eachother. He also gave me a beer. I don't think that was worded right?
Qauck. Quack? the mighty ducks cheer.
Aha throughout the night. I overheard poeple complaining about there shoes being muddy. Aha well my friend mr.jamie nero landed himself in quite the doozey. He was pissed. with reason
Bottle caps or something? whatever these are called. I learnt the proper way to shoot them. You can't hold the stick tightly.
Prom. or Grad?

Serios beers. I thought my camera was broken after this photo. Jonzed all night. It was my battery tho.
Ham-n-eggs grill. Good friend Reginalds dad restraunt. I used to skip first class in grade 10 to go eat here. When i think about it sleeping in would of made more sense. But the food is kill. Al is kill. and he's got red rooster sauce. Princess and logan.
i thought he was gonna jump over. I wish i would of teased him more. Look at those paws.

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ReidyVegas said...

Grad or Prom?!?! - i took preeee-caaaalll? ! -itsaamaaybe?