Saturday, July 26, 2008

floor planchers

i went and watched a indoor soccer game in the summer.. i know. but they had glass walls setup. people wur flinching left and right. not me tho. 
Walking down that path at forks at night is good. but i always get creaped out thinking im going to get attacked by a bum or a pack of them. I seen this huge tree root thing and thought someone was in there. so i snapped a quick pic to ease my nerves. im paranoid of the homeless.
Danika is super cute. She along with many other childeren are affraid of me. it may be my nose but i blame it on my hair and dangerous looks. 
nice hanes!
tony attempting to hurdle this bush. which turned into a dive? and not even coming close. 
local dancers wur stoked. they give free glasses away. where's my pair.
gur always kills it. i have about 40 photos of him with this same face.
i know theres no talent in taking these pictures but i enjoy seeing the turnouts on some of them.  
i dance till i sweat. 
this is real random. 3 alex's . sounds like a planet.
reid kills it.
mattt. random. martin. it'd be good if this chicks name started with a m. check it

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