Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We went to osbourne the other night. Streets were closed. Lots of drunk people. And I stubbed my toe on a crack in the street. pissed.
These beer garden's closed at 12. Catching up with a few old friends, I kept hearing someone like yelling under there breath. I kept looking behind me and seeing this chick, but no one around her. so i started creepin to see what she was upto. I geuss she worked at the zoo? garbage pickin cans out of the trash. I think she caught me takin a picture... no lawsuits.
This dude was killin it. Zombie crawl slash walk. I think my arms are as long as his.
This is kinda awkward. if thats how you spell it. I've never seen anyone puke in a push-up position. till that nite. 
"kenny" gets head-locked? by officers of crime.
These officers ordered these girls a cab. I wish i had capabilities of that nature.
After i took that photo above. I looked behind me and everyone was gone. Wondered into hi-fi. These 2 are the first individuals i recognized.
I was greeted with a beer. That makes up for mistakes! 
messed around with my camera. current problems with my camera. a.) dust slash hair on the sensor   b.) zoom does not work. possibly a small spring.   c.) shutter butttttton is done.      anyone know anything about warranty let me know.  
This looks something like my screen saver.
I went to the beach. This was sitting shot.gun
I've never seen so many cars in birds hill parking lot. it was rediculous. too many people. to much muscle. to much sun. i didn't help on those subjects.
A dude snuck this pup on the beach. I want a dog. but bigger.
Convincing people that tanning oil makes a better tan can be hurtful. He cooked it on himself to. I felt bad. He felt it about an hour later. the damage was done.
He isn't blind. but she is cute.
People swim in this. I'm guilty but at least i acknowledge the filth. And shower after entering. 
Someone parked this bad boy by my sandals.  I have my suspects.
Tony brings cooked kd to the beach as a meal. and some sort of hashbrown things? reid got it on his shirt. and my camera.
Traffic was insane. couldn't find a spot. ended up blocking some cars in. karma came back and wouldn't let me out. boutet was one of the cars i blocked. I yelled as someone let me in and i was driving away, that he'll never get out of there. I wonder if he's still there. I can't tell stories.
Puke is gross. I smell it, im done for. how bummed would you be if you stepped in random vomit. aka puke. id be pissed. We are the champions by queen just came on itunes shuffle. How good would it be to have camera's setup and a host of some sort, walk up after you stepped in this blaring that song. priceless.

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