Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ya mon

I think because of summer i've been bogging on the blogging... and coming up with lame jokes. This weekend me and my friends went camping down to the states. it was good. I'm looking at a receipt i have in front of me from one of my purchases. 2.99 swisher sweets cigarillos. 12.99 24 of pbr. and 4.99 a 4 pack of redbulls. its insanely cheap. like booze is rediculous. everyone would drink tons if it was that cheap here. but people still drink tons. i don't even know what im typing. but enjoy some pics. giks!
aha boating. tom tom was the boat driver. me and mega went in the tube. one person tube. that is. and he starts super slow but gets to very high speeds. no shittn. like i was worried if i would of fell off, it would of have been serious injury. oh and there's 20 foot fish in this lake. panic
gold rims with cadilac painted forks. everyone has sweet bikes. i think i may have the fastest bike in the city tho. no joke. my oma used to rip on this bike at the cabin. and i brought it home. 
red lake falls will kill you if you don't bring these two things. cigs and booze.
jeff works 2 hours away. oor raw!
scott has a huge tent. the day we left he was wearing the same bandanna around his head but around his face cause someone pissed on his tent. i couldn't stop laughing. im a great friend.
i told blair to smile. aha and scotts tent in the back round. and thats the side someone pissed on...
reiman and boutet came out. i accidently hit reiman's car with a frisbee cause he hit it off his hand. f im getting good at frisbee.
i bought this tent for 30 bux. best 30 bux ive spent ever. sick yellow to. stoked.
i've never gone camping with my own tent and stuff. i bought a queen double layer matress too. usually i sleep in my car. but this was better than my own bed!
goleski was jungled. 
our site was getting packed. good friends and good sunlight.
rar. there's 8 blue things in this flicker.
by far my favorite photo of jay. I cant wait till people start getting married and i can dig up some photos for a slideshow at the wedding. 
reg. had the shades to. serious freestyle. 
tons of pink. 
cory's camera worked. i guess mine did at this point too. 
porno gets super drunk. he doesn't even look at the camera. ever. and always that wave. 
i seen mush boot a bottle of jd. i think it was plastic? 
thats the end. but get this. why do finger nails grow faster than toe nails? thats what pops into my mind. love

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