Saturday, September 20, 2008

kids flying.

there are 5 kids flying around my house right now. kicking, screaming, crying. fighting. tons of drama. but its super fun. i think i threw out my back if thats how you spell it.
the main stop on a thursday. atm. tyndall park. you know how they have that black screen thing. that has the camera behind it. i creeped on someone changing the back of it. bad pic. but i couldn't believe it .
tons of smoke. carneys couch. 
aha great water bottle. f. honeslty. i think ive seen it before but it was a def wake up call to serious d u i ing.
martin and his homie justin. i know he has a blog i just don't know the link. 
aha alex kills it! great times and walks. 
martin and his babe? or friend.? i can't remeber. but i think its a devil tattoo. on the gun arm. ammo
aha beeea's. pist-achios. iphone 3g'ing. mgd'ing! check his bloggerton. two thursdays in a row.

vern keeping it carney in the sweat zone
i know vern's dance move off by heart. great time's
huge haul of dope i took bro.
everytime i go in at the beginning i flash my wrist and he's like your good, but i feel bad so i pay. f'n good karma bro.
tons of smoke bro.
2 weeks in a row. f my pics are the same,. i honeslty go for low quality. so don't judge me. bro'
kate and colinn! stoked for winter.
bro's bro'in. its saturday and im at home at 8-45. i just heard my mom yell "she's gonna  poo" and then a bunch of clapping, check back for my family blog tomo. 4.25 pm. im jk tho. bro . easy . love

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