Sunday, September 7, 2008

yah big gooof.

blogging has come to a halt. im pissed about my other camera being jungle gymed around by precision camera repair. they shit the bed. but i take my pentax out during the day and in sunlight. Today we ventured off to seven oaks swimming pool. There has been a crew of us going lately and i decided to bring my camera. whether it is texting. phone calls. showing up late. its always a good time. clapping. cheering. ooohing. and flexing! Im fond of the name "Pool Turds".
you actually have to dial 9 dash 911. its the special pool unit. and i just thought about september 11th. partially because the movie was on tv today. wata coincidence. i wonder if they planned it to be 911. sickos
When i took the pic of that fire alarm. the life guard was screaming at me and running up. He's like "what are you doing". and im like "what are you doing?". then he claimed he thought i was gonna pull the fire alarm.
then he came up to me after and was like you can't take pictures. but i had already spoken to his boss. you know. natural
i was claiming we wur the canadian olympic team.
no one was buying it.
i'm not sure if its just me. but like swimming and stuff. going off diving boards/cliffs. i can swallow water through my nose. no joke. 
swimming is super fun. and healthy. we even flex.
these comments have nothing to do with the photos really. but. there was this dude that came there. first jump off the 3 m. he tried front flipping. back splash. there was alot of ooooohs. k then he did it second try. he thought he'd up the anty by moving to the 5m. worse case scenario happened. half flip to back splash. tons of ooohs he got. good to see tho.
i know have bad karma for the next time i go. text me if your interested in joining the pool turds. nish is a for sure. 
these kids kept yelling are you taking pictures. i think it was obvious. but i have a weird sense of humor. people may find it offensive. "that army dude on osbourne".
there is 3.281 feet in 1m. that means the 5m is only 16.405 feet. f it seems higher than that.
this dudes arm got later'd. 
earlier today i went through a traumitizing event. 
I was chilling at the office. laying down with my arm under my head. kind of asleep. when i felt something crawling on my arm towards my face. at first i thought it was a fly or something but it kept coming. so i look. and its a massive spider flooring it towards my face. i immediately flinched as what anyone else would have done. flicked him off. i couldn't believe it. like look at the pic above. you can see his teeth. thats probly the gnarliest experience i've ever had. and what the scary thing is. they say you swallow a couple spiders a year. f i would die before i swallowed that thing. love

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