Monday, October 6, 2008

i hate rain. on my knees.

So i worked today about 2 hours in the rain. got soaked. head not to toe. hair stinks. insulation up my sleeves that made it super itchy. bought a new hoody. and am tired now. But have to run someone errands.
kyle and vern suited up. 14 bux for 2 slick jackets.
I wasn't suited up. As you can see i sat with the boots.
I thought this was a girl. turns out vern was a ginge when he was just a young lad.
This is like the best timed picture. of the picture.. its a perfectly flat belly flop. I remember i was younger and i used to hang out at coop. Murray was like the boss man there. One day I asked to use the bathroom. He said yes. Young and handsome i thought i'd pull a prank. Discount store thing was like behind coop. I bought a fake rubber poo thing and a fart bomb. Went intoo coop and used the facility. It was like the smallest coop. like an esso. anyway. I grunted so he'd hear me. Placed the fake pooper on the toilet seat and popped the bubble in the fart bomb. about 15  seconds later this thing blew. I ran outta there. I watched from across the street to as employees wur scrambling outta there. I heard someone yell the f-word super loud. Anyways 2 days later i thought i'd go for a snack there which i usually got the usual ( 2 oh henrys and a litre of chocolate milk). Murray jumped the counter and slammed me to the ground. I actually thought my hip was completely shattered. i thought i had gotten away scott free but a river rat was shook up for the vigilanty who pulled the prank. anyway's im still here. 
oh and someone forgot there tickets to amsterdam at my house. And i have to pick him up a shaver. (oh he leaves tomo morning at 9.00 am) sick world. love

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