Friday, October 17, 2008

MI. USA. f

winnipeg. grandforks. bemidji. duluth. marquette. 11.5 hours of death. I made it here. Frik that drive is long. The main part that sucks about it is that when your all alone and you start thinking to yourself . all those things going through your head. yea. But i made it alive. and handsome as ever.
So I got a GPS for my birthday. It was a electronical challenge on the way. one cigarette lighter thing. i needed music so i had to unplug the gps . then i missed a turn. so i had to unplug the music thing. plug in the other thing. All in all jay f'd up everything by not giving me that ipod thing. 
I didn't eat all day. Stopped at taco Johns. almost shit my pants because the food was terrible. I payed 65 cents or something for this cheese sauce it was honestly cheeze whiz melted for 30 seconds. There hot sauce was water with chili peppers? there little potato pooppers things wurn't bad. and one of the chicken things was good to. but overall they shit the bed.
It almost like driving through the prairies. But at night some people refuse to turn off there brights. Thats brutal. and i was driving and whatnot and i seen something running along the highway up ahead. i thought it was a dude or something . so i started to slow down. as soon as i got close this thing turned out to be a manly dear or something did like a skid stop and turned onto the road in front of me. I hammer on the breaks at the same time reaching for my camera in case something happened. then the dear heardled this bar thing beside the road. My heart was pounding as sweat dripped from my face. thanks wisconson. 
you get bored driving. People bug me about my nose. but they have never seen this angle. So get your jokes ready. And yes a looney can sqweeze in. And I also filled my tank for 25 bux. God Bless America. for there gas. Love

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