Sunday, December 14, 2008

-37 and 6 gingers walking in a row at the mall.

It is fricken cold out. my sister steph's birthday, kids are flying. food is cooking. and everyone that doudt's my car and shit talks it. started like a beaut in the morning. that car is going forever. and i found my lucky hair tie. 
some people need over sized tooth brushes.  jungle jim grinds his gums with these.
"have you tried captain morgans spicy?" 
phils driving gloves. they're calvin klein... 
nugent was in a deep rush. 
new ripzone jacket.  multi layered to perfection. comes with 16 cigs.
random text led me to "on semole or something?" . people wur getting super drunk. i had me and jay had to work the next day. 
someones gotta work around here.
"what are you doing tonite dartanion?" he replys "flirting with danger in a hand basket" . wowa. technologist 'r
the garage was hot boxed with cig smoke. listening to tiffany here.
his reaction. 
new artwork on vandy's thigh dog. 
10 grand. for you to go in the shower. come out. run naked around my lake.. hope i don't win the lottery.
missing pubes. obv!  kids are screaming. love

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