Monday, February 2, 2009


its monday. again. usually id be more pissed. but lastnight it snowed 20 something centimeters./metres.? snow is a good sign. but my air mattress has another hole. equal karma.  and its flat. and i don't wanna do 600 pump pushes. 
cameras are annoying to dangle by your chest. phones do it to.
we've been skating the underground parkade for the library. the roof is covered with white foam. 
its funny everytime we get there its full or gravel. phil goes upstairs and gets the broom. i begin to broom. broom decides to break. someone else begins to broom. but not how good of a job its never perfect. for every pre-trick theres always that thought of hitting the peebblly. sometimes it comes true.
phil just spilt blueberry juice. and is being dax flameish.
name your clothes. i want one.
snake a beer in the bar. get a empty glass. pour it in. and save 6 bones. woof
me and gorgen have been crib'n hard. usually betting don carbones. or beer. or a plain old handshake.
will is living with trevor and will sanford. he's a good guy. he has a million things in his wallet. and pulled out a euro and gave it to me. apparently i can get to chocolate bars. 
one chair lift ride up he explained how he can make toques. i said a german themed one would be sickk. he hooked this up yesterday.
phils "they're suckers for this sh*t" letter. click and try to read it. notice the spacing also.
phils survival kit in his backpack. to good.
i could barely ride down at the end of the day. my back was killing. my stomach beyond hungry. whipped this one up in a jiffy. my sandwich skill is increasing. also my arms are huge bro.
went to the docty. had the cast off for 20 mins. i had a hair already growing out of my m scar. 
another 35 bones. i almost got out of there without paying. but what i thought was the nice lady docty. ratted me out last second. 
my new bathing attire. h&m is killing it. new spring sale.
also got my computer back from the computer docty. with fish killing it in the sea stuff.
tears wur pouring. wining like crazy. begged for this photo. is beyond funny at high crazy 8s.
my gitchy aren't rippy. gamer id:stargate6969. love

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