Saturday, February 7, 2009

on a level of 10. my maturity is at least 12.

so mature. its friday night. im on the couch. still recovering from last night. i attempted riding today. made it out. did 7 runs. immediatley regretted going out the night before. 
night started off. mark got a new suv. rolled to our house. picked us up. headed to the wills and watsons. tinsley's new graffics. a lil bit of everything. crayons create!
headed to moejoes. sweatshop union was starting in who knows how long. go out side trying the hole "yea. just lick the faint stamp and press it." gig. no good. anica no get in with no id. dang
mark and tinsley kill it. the apparent plan at the beginning of the night was to get drunk. this was the first installment in succeeding our goal. if that made sense.
as i was walking back in from the stamp lick attempts these dudes roll in. "wur the groupies"
pist pumping began.
anica and phil finally made it in. hotels have pens. hotels let you use there pens. use those pens to fake stamps. get into show. not quite a butteryass monday. but a cheap version.
i try buying the wuss shots. dr.peppers. the bartender then gives me 3 southern comforts and whiskey. bombed in kokanee. will literally instantly create excessive saliva effect in your mouth. 
people wur everywhere. this nightstand has a pole. mark on a bet for a stolen beer. tinsleys face describes my night. to good
phil and anica wur slowdancing gr.6 style in the distance. couldn't get the shot in time.
our taxi ride home was too good. the bird will understand this. the dude looked like that driver from united. the santa dude. and we'd sing christmas carols when he rolled in the warehouse. 
free drink. 
free drinks.
i need a sled.
anyone want to donate. me funds. to get one. plz. 
i don't have a sled. but i got 2nd place with peach in the mushroom cup. 100cc. obv.
did not lose in crazy 8s to clean this.
have to shower beside this. 
"i will trade 1 candle for a lift". this mornings text. picture joking about candles for 4 hours. and getting sick candles in trade for trampled.muddy.sticky. kicks. love

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