Friday, April 3, 2009

1990something gmc.

its friday. everyones stoked for the weekend. and i just realized smashing shit is by far the best thing you can do to get yourself ready for the weekend. well it was yesterday. but still.
this dude riding had to get his truck off the road. it didn't pass the safety test.
i thought it was already in the junk yard. then the thing started. i couldn't push so i was stoked.
this is another time you will find yourself screaming because of excitement. watching a truck hit a rusty snowblower. i tried to hide behind a pole.
glass is meant to be broken.
aha these are a few photo's. it was insane.
shit was getting thrown from all over.
logs. rocks. propane tanks. wur the weapons of choice.
irish whip. propane tank to windshield.
i thought his foot was gonna get stuck in the hole.
"better than taking it to the auto wrecker".
attempt for rally turn to rock.
i have never heard a engine blow before. it was fn dope.
something about this photo. swinging a hatchet at a tire. not looking. eyes are even closed.
tuning the ruf.
keep fit and have fun. love

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