Tuesday, April 7, 2009

much a finny-d.

Here is my "mastermind plan". it was thought about half an hour before i left for van. some would call it genius. i call it bad karma. but it was for a good reason. you sleep 33% of your life. so you have to be comfortable.
I slept on this for 3 months. the last month i was waking up on the floor. constant patching. im gonna break it down. it took about 1800 pumps to fill the bed from flat. i was ranging 300-600 pumps a night to top it off. the last month i was using a blow dryer. then 200 pumps. so. i calculated. thats at least 32,400 pumps. serious.
Phil had gotten this bed for christmas. the plan starts off as soon as you crank your old mattress into this box.
walmart has a 90 day warranty return policy. I didn't know this. i claimed i got it for christmas and i didn't have the receipt. it was past the 90 days so she couldn't do it. i spoke to the manager. she opened the box. and said everything was all good. at that point i was ready to just leave.
found the same bed.
nervously killing time by taking a photo of my feet.
she has a built in pump. stiffness thing. stays inflated. i know its bad karma. but i think sleep is important. and its walmart. they fired my friend and didn't pay him the 450 bones they owed him. so in a way its reverse karma for them.
cheers to a new bed. love

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