Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ever lasts forever.

tuesday morning. rain. last night I woke up to a toonie sized spider crawling up my side. i think it may have been on my neck before i woke up. people claim they're not afraid of spiders. but wake up to what i did and it will change your mind.
went riding during the day. come back to pembi to ride this.
dave hooked it up.
clay back 5.0
karma saves the lens.
garg going feeble back to reg. he's stoked on my rap skills.
clay rock to fakie. he kills it.
we goto the beach. this beach was the family beach. we pzd.
instead we go to meager creek. beers. sun. lost frisbee.
garg. crossed the treacherous rapids. my legs are clearly to handsome to cross such cold water. i would bet 10 bones no one could do it. maybe 5.
i played fetch with this random dog for a long time. at one point i was claiming him as my own dog. i threw his stick on the other side of the water hoping he would get stuck in the rapids abit. he didn't cross.
everyone is stoked the new baby pig is here. i'm dyslexic. is the cail turly. was my response.
if I were to own a horse it would be a blonde one. and my ear is killing me. the possibility of spider eggs in there is dangerously high.. love

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