Saturday, May 30, 2009

rooster trails.

sunday morning. i blew my nose in the shower. air bubbles came out of my eye. i might look into that whole milk shooting guiness deal.
stopped by the beach. scarce babes. some dudes practicing they're bartender tricks. cool.
illegal zoom.
looked like a wu-tang cloud 20 seconds before this photo.
stirring up dust.
marc might be moving into a camper with these 2 doggggs.
he's not stoked.
sling turding.
trying to find the spot for fishing. this was the wrong way.
i blame my balance on my worn out shoes.
we heard the train a while back. didn't show for at least 5 minutes. going zombie slow.
no one could believe marc layed down a toonie. that is almost a meal.
with 49mill. i would have 2 of these.
cook caught a fish literally first try. within seconds of getting there. it may be blind.
we moved to another spot. no fish.
i go for moral support.
and .
last day of riding whistler today. stay safe. love

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