Sunday, July 5, 2009


canada day. we went fishinggg.
freshly shined up. no basket.
15.35 .
vern rigged the car with wasps.
cast line into water. get stuck in bullrushhh.
just easy.
put string through gill. tie string to stick. pet fish. also a way to pick up babes.
mymryk stoked on another one.
not stoked.
rondeau 's first fish of the season.
change from shoes to sandals halfway. stung right away. mega swell. pre karma for mymryk knifing the fish.
first cast i broke my rod. 2nd rod mega tangled. have to stay creative.
i know.
2010 in the park.
mad smokies. kabobs. corn on the cob.
sunroofs are ideal.
drive home. pz to the forks like every other person. packed.
seen possibly 10 fireworks.
bum rushed.
birds hill is full of bandaids.
phil has a macintosh phone. blank cheque is on. love

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