Sunday, September 27, 2009

in the jaws of the beast.

last weekend. set off with no set destination. end up in batula.
arrived at night. drank till who knows.
wake up to go tubing the next day.
anica was running the show.
parked the boat near some rock. phil and anica relaxed on the tube.
someone untied the line.
may or may not have been jared.
the possibility of it being globa is definitely high.

this guy was not stoked on me taking pitures. but he did piss in the bush on his own.
this guy wasn't either. he pissed in the water on his own.
I have been tubing before. multiple times. i would like to think of myself as a decent tuber. this day i thought i was dead. globa would know the feeling.
"im out man. see you later".
i was stoked to make it out injury free. i think falling off may be the best part of the ride.
My phone got left in the rain on the weekend. call my house if u please. this life is crazed. love

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S B said...

what were we helping for?

surrogate. brave new world. sci fi. geek radar. me. bye!