Sunday, February 7, 2010


i visited vancouver for what i thought would be a night. ended up staying longer than a week.
brent has a pretty sick pad downtown.
he also claimed if I stayed he would cook.
which he did. Brent is a pretty funny dude. He has hookups for the most random shit.. including steak...
filled butt tray.
my room was pimp. private bathroom with no toilet paper aswell.
4 rolls of toilet paper in 3 days.
we ate here a couple times. tempeltons diner? all i remember is eating a chili and cheese fries as a appetizer to breakfast. sick people in this world.granville with a crack of mountains.
met up with will and his homies jordan and i cant remember the other dudes name. as usual.
skated underneath the cambie bridge first.
they had tickets to a tour of gm place and tickets to a canucks game. f.
game of skate went down.
vatos locos forever holmes. there is more but im going back to van so brent call phil if you read this. rv ill call u tonite homie. and go check out passionoverweakness. words to inspire. love


Anonymous said...

watch the hole vid if u want. but best part is 4:30 of vid.
i kno u always appreciate a good becks spotting jamma! enjoi!


streetsmokes said...

haha how did u find that? thats gold man