Tuesday, June 1, 2010


this post is from a couple weeks back.. marc was stoked to go surfing in canada before he would pz. i was stoked to go in general.
they got a new fairy running the water now. pimpdeck.
get off the fairy beers cracked head to tofino.
pick up some bc bud.
this should be scanterbury. i used to use that word as a jinx in 21.
i almost cruized brents truck off the road.. it just doesn't handle like the ezzcort.
get all our shit on. brent having trouble getting his on.
marc ahead of the game.

I have been told to trim my armpit hair. i geuss people do that? mandatory flex regardless.
waves weren't big enough for marc but still dope.
brent midsmash .
fishing with bacon.
danny mid smash.
dope view.
best bcraildog.
from here.
went to the skatepark in tofino. this chick was shredding for awhile. I was hoping for her to bail but she had her lines down.
live band when we rolled up. drifters chanting about the government.
marc fs/slash
pizza for dinner.
swayzee locked on.
went to another beach.. waves way to mellow. hungover to the max so it worked out.
5am shotguns...
mandatory beer and backpack shot yo.
whale sightings.
went on another mission to a tree fort.
mad drift wood.
5 minute hike through busch.
apparently some dude moved here i don't know how many years ago, and built some sweet shit.
front entrance to spider paradise.
there was a stream that ran through the walkway in.. cleaned the shoes.
mad handcraftmenship.
blurry shot of the fireplace.
possibly the same guy who built this out of drift wood.
jungle gym up.
this bridge may need work done to it.
below the net.
danny mid net. 40 feet or something up.. it doesn't get more chill than that.
i shit my pants once i think climbing up. if you go here its easier not bringing a backpack up.
quick nap.
desk shelves and bed.
no food up there tho.
front patio.
jungle walk back.
mandatory booters.
thats it. this post took forever. love gemini.

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