Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is late as usual.. I had a chance to meet some friends in vegas so i decided i would try to make it out there.. checked everyday for flight changes and cheapest tickets.. found a ticket the day before and i was off with a 112 usdollars...
i think alot of these pictures are in order.. most are from the first night and on.
this was in the folder of pictures.
4 dudes one room .
boss selling 40's for 3.15
garbage can photo.

cigs and beer in hand at all times.

nero has been waiting for this. here you go bud.
us budlight is like water.
ran into kristina for a second.
vodka was the choice of the trip..

cigs all day.

honeymooon shittt...

first night.. casino's don't have clocks.

stumble back.
i still have this penny.
gourmet nacho dinner.

jay and cassie got upgraded to a suite. jacuzzi shower couches and tables.
7am 18.

1 something.
2 something.

wouldnt sit on my knee. why have the chair then?

went to fairmont st. or something..

queen show.

i crushed my cousins foot in the limo.
she don't mind.

walked around with a heat 12 pack.
ditch it fill the pockets.

30 bone munch.

foot just chillin.
clean phones.
4th from the right.
toook a cat nap.
went on a ride.
drank some more booze.
theres photos missing.
hummer limo for like 5 minutes. found a ticked home for 108 bones the day before i left. spent under 3hunge. 15 hour travel back. liver done for 2 days after. liver has been done since. livermeat. mumbi nuka tee

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