Sunday, September 19, 2010

sundays are perrfect for this.

lastnight i played some of the best rock paper scissors in my career. this post is dedicated to the athletes that participated in the beatings that took place.
actually i lost 10 bones later in the night so im not undefeated but bring it on if you got game.
not a dumo kingsize. but dopppe
went for a little ride to get some pictures.
the creator of bbm.
after witnissing this shit go down from the car it makes you want a bike.
the local pregame.
throwing a basket mid swing at the driving range. neros club afterwords. priceless.
t friend is on the comeup in his golf career. whens the rematch?
birthday game.boog1e
big game night.
wee miss you bobo.
the last time i was in this section a fukn jet drove by super low and almost blew my eardrums. that dude in the bandanna knows what ime talking about.
tequila crushhh
he survived another year.
no more shots.
patio fight.
i think trisha had my camera for this i don't remember taking it but theyre not looking at the camera so i don't know?
mann its been so long since ive tried to comment each photo.. bear with me
duiview. this post was was sponsored by New Diamond chinese food on arlington and mcgregor and a side of kraft dinner. actually some coca cola to wash it down aswell.

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