Monday, March 28, 2011


coming in live from switzerland.. europe is cooked.. i don't wanna go on a rant of all the shit ive done but its been crazy.. was offered weed within 30 minutes of being in London, biked around for a dollar on pimp rental bikes. Amsterdam is loco,coffee shops and red light district and all you can drink canal boat ride. Live sex show. trying to take notes of names of places i have been but have no clue at this moment. I don't speak europe so its pretty entertaining for me to try to communicate.. Wanting to go boarding. brought my skateboard but has barely been used. Went skating today in Lucerne and mucked my left foot big toe.feels like my toe nail is going to come off. knelt in bird shit today aswell trying to get a picture. currently a party in the hotels 1st floor.time to streetsmoke in the bathroom before a 9frank heineken robbery. Im alive. pictures will come soon. too much techno. pc and love

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