Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day off but kinda work.

This thing shoots mud shit. I enjoy truck rides now. 
Reginald sporting his new specs.
I Seriosly think i'm a natural hunter because of this game!
except for where you can't shoot the baby things your hunting. 
I notice alot of ender nighters I play video games? I beat Kman twice in Tiger woods. 
It must sound like I brag alot? 
So I woke up this morning to this princess coming down the stairs.
Im not sure the pose she has going here. It may be one of her monsters?
And this baby was stoked to play peekaboo. 
Very pointless amount. Send help.

Today i had the day off. Pretty much! Our morning appointment was cancelled. So We went to work for 6. We wur done by 6:45. And I almost died from heat. I find it funny that people who complain about the heat, are the ones in the winter craving it. There will be a High of 26c tomorrow. With clouds appearing in the afternoon. love ben

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