Friday, June 27, 2008


A reason I like my name is,   you know when you play a arcade and sometimes they ask you for your anitials? well for all the regular people they're like thinking of there middle name and trying to figure it out. But , i just type ben. or even jam. 
happy fingers! and a sweet duee haw.
I called up mister williamson. We took it back 6 years, and skated the pads and stairs.
Steven and I tried getting a ollie north.  And i was stoked jorg and steve came. to tyndall
aha mega eats cereal out of sissy cups. First time ive ever seen something like that.
Double proper manner nose grab. You know how you gotta stand at a event or like a wedding etc. This is how your supposed to cross them but like over your lap. Serios.
So good. He skinned his flanges getting this. my timing is way off
I've tooken a pee in that back corner before. And if you can see that beam above that crosses roof things? way back a twin named andy cruzed over that. and we used to play pelt on these steps. you had to hold the door handles and bend over. and that concrete line was the throwing line. but there never was such a thing.
head and shoulders nose and tose! grab
Jeff rolled up! sick bike. tons of mosquitos tho.
honestly thats a mini squid. i don't think id ever eat the head part.
I come across so much graffiti while im at work. karen loves jon. sheena banged ronnie. etc. this dude had good colour tho. 
dudes have it pretty easy. when in rome
I got my neon cast off. I went to this place at 800 sherbrook today. it reminded me of that movie the fugitive. when theres that part where they're making bionic arms and stuff. way off topic. but this arm can breath now. best part about it. WATERPROOF.
carney tan, hairy, peeling skin, and smell. Love Ben!

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