Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh canada?

I've been busy all weekend? seriously. Last week I had some beers at the Reid residence. Asshole is quite the game. 
We got these 5 years ago at durty grand beach. Kevin's used it for his only key (house) since then. 
I like the backround finger in this. People avoid me because of pictures.. 
Reid's grandma's house is up for sale. I remember getting junior's fatboys and heading there with a 12. of jolt that is? 
Happy fingers. and the infamous rob d. no lawsuits..
Nicest lady. Don't buy the house tho. 
Mega came to my niece's bday party. She read some fitness mag on the way there. And Teen Wolf is on. channel 22.
Abby's 3rd birthdate.  She later cried due to water inhalation. 
I got some sweet nieces! kyla was the first. Now im a uncle 5 times. love
Everyone was chilling. Jay tried fixing my air conditioning. it blew up all over.
Mega swings pretty good. She lets me take pictures.
My sister's house in lundar. I'm in a huge tree fort thing. it had a telescope.
I haven't swung on swings for quite a while. it was a doozy.
I always enjoi the part where they blow out the candles.  I think we sang happy birthday twice. 
Abby is 3. Merry bday.
Jay's quite the host. Mya was covered with sucker then had a bath. my car is in the backround. not to brag.
Serious wheelies. tought light.
Last shot of the night. Thanks for the hospitality beaman family.     On another note, Canada day is tomorow. I went to the beach yesterday and today. I'm burnt to a crisp. Tomorrow is cliff jumping? stay tuned for more updates. literally. Long weekends are hard for blog updates. love ben

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