Saturday, July 12, 2008

francephonee. aye

My mouth is on fricken fire at the moment. I just finished this chicken stir fry packed with hot sauce. 20% regrets. Its hurricaning out there. I was driving and rain was coming in my window at a direrection aha that it hit my dash from the backwards way. i know. messed. And it sucks when it storms on weekends. once a moldy peach. always a moldy peach! but anyway. Last night we had a few bevs at my house. I havent played ping pong in like 2 months. I need to join a league if there is one. but yea. i did some convincing and we headed off to a st.bonifice.
my friends came with me. no fee either. 
suzi was stoked.
gill and meghans auntie chris. 
this duder kept them coming. 
At the end of the night i still had 4 drink tickets. thats like 15 bux. pissed
Few socials have this many dancers. it was packed.
aha i enjoi this. 
For the first time i was taking pictures of poeple i don't know and actually posting them. dedicated to suzi and stefan. best o luck!
i like posting more awkwurd photos than regular ones. anyone can smile. 
serious slow dancing. 
i get about 20 of these photos a night. i fricken got through fingers this time
local dancers. 
the arcade fire kills it. neighborhood#3. love
i know the duder on the right through someone. i don't know
shoutout to jorggg. thanks for the loan.
and reidd. you owe me 40. with juice 43.
She didnt wanna take a photo at first then steve convinced her. and he doesn't look. aye
this is some sort of team photo. im not sure. by the one finger going up means they must have won.
blue eyes. x2
mega. darcy. katherine. shes from quebec? my friends are in love. 
serious dresses. 
stefan and suzi. congrats.
i would of enjoyed the wii. 
wedding party? im not sure. but thats the end. drive safe in the storm. no drinking and driving.. no fighting. no smoking filter. be safee. love

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