Tuesday, July 15, 2008

sore and acheing.?

So I went tubing the other day. I am fn still sore. My neck is jangled. my ass is completely done. I have rug burn all over. my skin is peeling abnormally. But its summer. and i enjoi being a summery kinda guy. 
Bear has super good fetch skills. he may be faster than light.
We went to subway. then the vendor. We ended up drinking a bit till the boat was in the water. But. we left the beers in the trunk wen we left. came back to a sauna with beer in it. so good. You should see my car. literally. theres 3 carlings on the backseat. a budweiser under the passenger seat. and on the back floor? and a mgd in the trunk. i could open a mini vendor. oh and while i was in the vendor that day this chick was in there. who had grass in her hair. must of been quite the nap. 
This sucker pumps out waste into the lake.  but it looks nice.
this frog was so nice looking. i think its a myth but if you touch them you get warts. I tried convincing tyler to pick it up. but this duder was ready.
The water was ice cold. and the tube on the right is better. well newer. but newer is usually better when it comes to tubes. And i don't know about everyone else but swimming in open water is brutal. I always think shark and panic. most poeple do i think.
This is a boat. we are having fun. 
Cory and scott are also having fun. they're in the water. sissytubing on there bums.
aha cory's gettin thrown off here. If you can zoom in check out scotts look. priceless.
So my last ride consisted of this fellow kevin b. driving. I usually compete with myself not to get thrown off a tube. Last year he threw me off. This year i almost died. well not died but. you know. I don't know how to calculate g-force but i think i got near the 7's in one of the turns. I was actually hanging on for my life. not in a jokingly way. thank goodness for adrenaline. it saved me. like when a mom lifts a car off her baby. supposley thats adrenaline. i'd like to see it for myself. but not hurting the baby. 
Potenza's pizza at grand beach. 6 dollar pops. stale pops. great 26 dollar pizza tho. but the 9 dollar wings topped it off. oh and tyler ate a bowl of mushrooms. sauteyed? or something. that shit is sick. 
This picture is way off topic. But my nieces have this stupid doll. its possessed. the hair is cut weird. the eye's like flutter open. It's the uglyiest doll i have ever seen. oh and i think it has one eye. nightmares. sleep tight. love

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