Wednesday, July 16, 2008

sweats in sweats...

Keegan bought a brand new truck. Im stoked. he's stoked. we went for a bevy.
Earls wing day is wensday. they're tiny wings. and its a dollar off pints. still a ugly bill.
We then preceded over to montanas. Where i drew some pictures. keegan spit on it as you can see the arrow. 
My neighbor is getting a pool installed. its dope. I used to beg my parents when i was younger for a pool. They used to tell me you can't get one on a hill. Apparently now you can.
Today was the first time i seen someone drinking straight mouthwash. I drove by and i thought it was a bullmax. then even thought it was some sort of wiskey. but it turned out lemon fresh listerine. I wish everyone could see the face this chick had after swigging that bad boy. but stay fresh. listerine fresh. and brush your teeth before you goto bed. love

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