Tuesday, July 22, 2008

hot out.

Its been seriously cooking out lately. except for rain the past few days. Ive been slacking with this bloggging updates. but i don't see much of my computer. but i think i have salmanela poisoning if that helps?
8 packs of keiths kill it. welcome to the maritimes.
not sure if its a comic or wat. but its some sick humor.
I've venture into a house where they have a photo of there landlords family. its posted up in the bathroom. And the landlord has used the bathroom. that would be awkwurd.
serios vodka. 
and crunches.  i won a competition in bc. for doing these things. i did 10. the other person did 7. not to name names phil.
joey gladstone kills it. full house trivia! what are rebecca and jesse's twin boys names? and what the tanner familys' dog's name? and what was one of kimmy gibbbblers boyfriends name that always said "whatever"?
Serious fights and awkwurd positions.
the new in is to sweat. every thirsty thursday im soaked. 
get down.
claiming his farmer tan is the worst ever. you decide.
we tend to park it sometimes. 
j.russel kills it. he flies this olds back and forth from edmonton couple times a year. and part of his finger is cut off. true story
stoked on this graffiti.
we skoped out a mouse. followed it onto mountain ave. a van turning left crunched him. rip coco puffs.
trois stall. i've also attempted to learn killing this mini. it killed my wrist that was already jacked.
this little duder kills it. 
brent's always killing it.
phil patched his jeans. then came to kill it.
i've used kill to much. random fires are appropiate.
i've watched both ice age movies in two days. definetly recomend it.
im spelling everything wrong. every 6th word is underlined. scott spelt his face wrong here.
hail physiotherapy. 
i puked in the sink yesterday from brushing my teeth. well not my teeth but my tongue. i have bad gag reflexes. oh the answers to those full house questions if you didn't already know! are. nicky and alex. the pups name is comet. and dwayne drives cranes. take care of your bodies. intake lots of calcium or you'll end up like me. broke.      love

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