Wednesday, July 9, 2008

phillies dabee da.

Here's a few movies i have watched. Some good. Some terrible. 
Super good. if you've seen city of god. you'll be stoked. Oh and i held my breath for like a minute and a half today. i was going in this elevator and this chick came out in drivable cart thing? she had bad dandruff. I knew it would be airborn. so i threw up the shirt. and i think its harder to hold your breath in a elevator? 
This movie is a bad dream giver! 

I highly suggest this sucker. GPK. all day. watch out for juice tho. He'll irish whip you into shape.
On another note. I was at work today with Jay. I was working upstairs and jay was downstairs. He came upstairs with the look of guilt. Apparently he had bad gas today. actually he did. And he was working downstairs by himself. so he let a Toot? go. literally. After it started to smell the owner chick of the house went down to check things out. aha. she smelt it. and appologized for sewer backup smell. but it was jay. jay is a sewer. worst story ever. love

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