Monday, July 7, 2008

My sister and niece claire. she's super scared of me. but sucha princess. love
aha i came across some teeth. turns out there possibly may be one of mine in there. they do look awful gurly tho. except the one on the bottom right. aha its like a dog tooth.
russel is back killing it. I thought my camera broke and i was pretty pissed all night. turns out the batteries had been dead. thats twice its happened. I still currently have pizza stains on my cast thing. and my hair stinks today for some reason. 
kevin picked me up to pick up my car. we attempted to golf swing. or at least i did. i may have gotten a rash from the handle of the club. i swear i think there is always something going on with my body. i eat so healthy. makes no sense.
Marina, troy and avery bought a house. Its pretty fn nice. 
the backyard has a jungle growing tho.
the basement is full of weapons. I didn't know bow-an-arrows still existed. and there was a box of hair...? weird. and i hit my head on the lowered roof thing. many more times to come.
This looks dangerous. but it had a lock on it. and he has some big closet lock safe. 
I've come to realize my nose consumes 60 percent of my face. nose flarring. boogs and all. i have a zit in my eyebrow. didn't know that was possible. 
My dads birthday yesterday! Tons of grandkids running around. he has 4 daughters and 5 grand daughters. like i've said before, i'm a miracle.
for the past couple years there's been a competition who stays on the top mantel thing. its pretty funny.  chop's bday today. congrats. this is a message i recieve. "Smell of shit and cheap perfume..PAL?" unbelievably true. keep fit have fun. love

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